Wednesday, May 20, 2009


OHMYVINTAGE has officially opened its online business on Etsy! :) This is very exciting for us and we will continue to add some more lovely vintage finds to our Etsy site. We are in the process of posting up clothing & jewelry. In the meantime, you can shop the following vintage handbags at

1950s Tapestry Tan Floral Clutch - SOLD

1950s Black Vinyl Handbag - $23.00

1970s Orange & White Macrame Rope Wooden Handbag - $25.00

1960s Sky Blue Handbag - $23.00

*UPDATE* May 21, 2009: We added some lovely earrings to the shop. :)

Cloisonne Daffodil Rectangular Earrings - SOLD at Kanibal Home

Cloisonne Butterfly and Floral Earrings - SOLD at Kanibal Home

1980s Gold Triangle Earrings - SOLD at Kanibal Home


  1. i like that first little pouch!

  2. Congratulations Kim! We are so happy for you and such great pieces so far! xo Meika and Warren

  3. Iv only just found out what etsy is! silly me! all the items are lovely xoxoxo

  4. I love the floral earings. Too bad my ears are not peirced.

  5. Oh boo =[ I had just gone shopping this weekend and cannot spend any more!

    I shall keep my eye out for more goodies later on, though!

    La C.

  6. cute! i'm going to bookmark your etsy :D

  7. ohh many of this are so lovley!!!

  8. Hi there!!! :-D
    Thanks for your comment on my blog (modediktat)! First time visiting your sweet blog, I like it veeeery much!
    If I would wear earrings I would make these three pairs mine for sure.
    Can't leave a comment with Name/URL here, so I'm leaving one with my second blog.
    Let's keep in touch!
    Happy day to you!