Friday, May 29, 2009

Beautiful Bracelets!

These lovely bracelets have been listed to our etsy shop:


  1. wow, beautious bracelets! how i wish i wasn't broke :-(

  2. Oh so pretty! I just love that first one :)

  3. oh my these bracelets are tooo cute!

    love them all


  4. I seriously admire and love your photographs. I really like how you took pictures of the beautiful braceletes upon a beautiful book. Very nice dear :)

    love always
    hope to hear from you
    amy !

  5. i love them all. great finds!

  6. hey kim! its been awhile. i have been so uninspired to blog lately. but i wanted to thank you for following and thought i'd share a few hidden secrets i've discovered in the last week while roaming.

    jacks cheap something? huge huge huge huge massive vintage megastore located on 31st and 5th ave. It was a bit too overwhelming for me but for anyone with patience and time, it'll be filled with oodles of great finds.

    the dressing room .on orchard st.
    . a vintage shop, indie designer shop and a bar all combined into one. i stumbled across if after a long day of work. had a drink read a ton of magazines and bought the cutest vest.

  7. Wow those bracelets are beautiful, my favourite is the second one, I adore the stones !

  8. I'm not really a vintage fan but I muz say the first bracelet and the presentation caught my eye.