Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Green & Pink Affair

For the first time my boyfriend & I attended Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair.  It was great to see all of the artisan vendors selling their unique crafts & handmade items.  From food to artwork, I was able to score a couple of pieces for myself (which I will blog about in another post).  I did manage to take a few pictures of one of the vendors at the craft fair.  The setup of their booth was cute & they were selling macarons, cream puffs & other delicious treats.  My boyfriend & I bought one of everything & they gave us two complimentary punch drinks!  I can't wait to attend this fair next time it occurs.  I'm actually thinking about selling some of my vintage wares at this craft fair.  The creative juices are flowing in my head & I have many ideas of making vintage reconstructed accessories...stay tuned!  :)
one of everything pretty please hehe*

Our complimentary punch drinks & our spiked lemonade with absolut vodka ;]

We were matching the color of the macarons!  =]

Late 1950s eyelet & green dress 

Forever 21 sunglasses

Vintage Rose Double Chain Necklace

J.Crew Ring

Vintage Watch Bangle, I love it because it tells time & works as a bangle!

I love anything with bows!  :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 5 Year Anniversary Another Man's Treasure!

Two weeks ago my boyfriend & I went to Another Man's Treasure 5 Year Anniversary Party, one of my favorite vintage stores that I have been shopping at since they opened.  There Were plenty of cake, drinks, raffle tickets for prizes and tote bags filled with goodies that were being passed around.  We had a blast and were able to bump into a few friends at the party as well.  Here are some photos I took at the party, enjoy!  :)


They also had 20% off everything within the store to celebrate their anniversary! sweeet! :)

This is Meika, one of the owners of Another Man's Treasure.  Meika is always dressed up in beautiful vintage outfits, she is very sweet and happens to know my style pretty well.  Whenever I am in the shop, she always shows me cute vintage outfits & accessories I simply cannot resist ;)  My outfit was purchased from their showroom, which I need to go back to sometime soon. hehe!

This is my boyfriend Patrick & Warren, the co-owner of Another Man's Treasure.  He is stylish, very funny and is always on the lookout for vintage men's clothing in my boyfriend's size.  :)

My best accessory of the night, my boyfriend Patrick.  (I know it's cheesy, but I love him ;] )

I also got to bump into Kristen, owner of Kanibal Home, a boutique downtown Jersey City where I get to sell my OH MY VINTAGE jewelry & accessories  :) 

This is my friend Laura, Shop Manager of Another Man's Treasure and accessories designer of Swallow and the Swift.  Apparently, great minds think alike because we were both wearing similar vintage printed dresses from AMT hehe!  Thanks for taking a quick second to sneak in a picture with me :)

A picture of Laura in action!  Always has a smile on her face & providing excellent customer service :)
[Kristen told me to take this picture ;D]

Wearing:  Vintage black & white printed dress & 1940s shoes from Another Man's Treasure

Accessories:  A ring my boyfriend gave to me as a present & my mother's 1960s yellow handbag

& here's a close up of a vintage necklace I purchased from AMT as well.  I wear this necklace on many occasions :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ring my heart

Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching and what better way to complete your outfit with the perfect cocktail ring. Wonderful to give as a present to that special someone, so start dropping some hints to your valentine by showing photos of these beautiful gems at our Etsy shop ^_~